Papaw's Dirt Cover Spray

Our toxin-free, dirt scented cover spray's active ingredient, naturally derived from castor beans, naturally attracts and traps odor molecules, eliminating any trace of scent to keep you and your gear hidden from game. No chemical scent trail, 100% body, clothing and gear safe.

For best results:

Spray on body, clothing, footwear and gear at camp or in the truck 15 - 20 minutes before heading to the hunt site. If sprayed in the field, the initial burst of scent will be strong and potentially noticeable to game. This also allows the odor neutralizer time to remove existing odors and begin working to remove odors during the hunt. Reapply after 6 - 8 hours.

Pay special attention to common sweat zones; underarms, groin, feet, head, etc. These areas produce more odor-causing bacteria. (Think of anywhere you sweat working outside on a hot day.)

8 oz plastic trigger spray bottle

Made in the USA

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